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Ruby Mountains - 4ft of Fresh and a Heli

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

I was there ski....not to shoot - iPhone pic

Powder Grin

I am always skeptical about leaving snow in search of snow. All the indicators pointed at a storm cycle hitting Jackson in a few days and I was about to get in my car and drive to Nevada…of all places. While I had heard about the Ruby Mountains, I could not find a single definitive source among my friends that could confirm the terrain and snow was worth a drive out to the middle of nowhere Nevada, especially during a storm cycle in Jackson - where we know the tram, terrain and snow is, well……pretty damn good.

After a couple days of endless pick ups and drop offs in the A Star B3, amazing company, gourmet food, 4 feet of fresh low density pow, beautiful cirques, a 1500ft Coulior and 3000ft open pow runs, I guess I am now the definitive source among my friends. The Ruby Mountains are seriously dope and Ruby Mountain Heli Guides provided a five star experience. It was really off the hook. So, if you’re ever wondering if it is worth driving out to the middle of Nevada in search of untracked lines, drop me a line or check out  Ruby Mountains Heli Experience’s website at : It’ll be worth it.

Arctic Ball

Monday, March 16th, 2009


One of the things that I love about living in Jackson is existing among a talented community of characters that have managed to make a living out of their athleticism, creativity, passions, bliss or all of the above. Last October, hanging in my harness on an alpine big wall far far away, I was feeling a bit homesick, kicking myself for ever leaving behind Jackson and all the awesome people there when I had a small epiphany. If and when I got back to Jackson, I was going to throw a party…and not just any party. It was going to be epic, a celebration of life, family, friends and the pursuit of bliss.

As an infrequent visitor to my own home and being someone with a random assortment of interests and jobs, I float between an interesting mix of people when I do make it back to Jackson/Victor. While passions (like sliding down snow at high speeds) can unite a community, diversity in passions can also keep us from moving between the different groups of interesting and equally passionate people we live among. Cross pollination always seems like a healthy endeavor. I thought it might be interesting to bring Jackson’s diverse community of skiers, boarders, climbers, filmmakers, creatives, booty shakers, writers, photographers, trouble makers, artists etc. into one place, drop my favorite DJ’s into the mix and see what would happen. (Yes, this is the kind of thing I think about while belaying and smoking cigarettes at 20,000ft after freezing my ass off for 19 days.) Fortunately, I wasn’t smart enough to keep the half cocked idea to myself when I returned home, and mentioned it to a couple friends. After months of hassling and prodding, I agreed to throw the party.

Once the decision was made, the exact community of people I wanted to throw the party for started to converge on the house. Chefs planned a gourmet pre-party dinner, artists brought in all mediums of art, builders installed lights and decorations, bartenders prepared cocktail menus, designers built invitations, DJ’s compiled playlists etc. The Iron Monkey Sound System was installed in my bedroom - 6 refrigerator sized subwoofers, 6 mid woofers, 6 high range cabinets and an amp that provided 20,000 watts of power - it’s a big bedroom. When the big night finally arrived and the house filled with 200+ amazing people, I was beside myself. Well, as it turned out, 1059 Old Jackson Hwy went off. Cut La Whut, El Jefe, DJ Thunder and Ana Sia ( brought the house down….and I am not exaggerating - the house was still thumping with a full dance floor  and people with their hands above their heads (not because the cops showed up, but cuz they were still dancing) at 8 in the morning. I couldn’t have been happier…..Big props to all the awesome people that made it happen and to all the folks in Jackson who came out to do what they do best, throw it down.


Ana Sia