The Denali Experiment - Full Short Film

Here is the final long form edit of “The Denali Experiment.” I just watched it again last night and laughed when I realized how little ski footage is in the movie. I guess it is the antithesis of the modern ski porn flick. Lots of rock star skiers and not much skiing! Well, hopefully having a cool narrative helps the piece along. It was a tough piece to put together with all the different characters, carrying all of the camera and audio equipment, filming and, of course, all while trying to climb and ski Denali as well. I decided to focus the story on Sage and Lucas and was hoping the piece would give people a sense of who they are besides being rock star skiers/snowboarders. I also wanted to give some insight into all the other interesting characters who were mentoring and helping Sage and Lucas along the way. I often feel like the whole process of skiing and who the skiers actually are gets lost in most of the ski and snowboard films today. I hope you enjoy this one.

The Denali Experiment from renan ozturk on Vimeo.

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  1. Pedro Pimentel Says:

    I certainly enjoyed it Jimmy. Many people I know that come from other walks of life or simply other sport disciplines often ask me… But who is really that guy or girl in some films I have edited or recommended.

    It surely could have done with a bit more “pepper & salt” action in the middle… But it sure got me glued by allowing me to get to know these people in a much more intimate way. Obviously, the edit is what either keeps us there or not… So.. Congratulations! I believe you achieved that.



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