Jimmy Chin Director/Cinematographer Reel

I’ve been super blessed in this life to be surrounded by such talented athletes and artists. I don’t know that a “Jimmy Chin Reel” could have ever existed were it not for the help and support of everyone at Camp4 Collective as well as all the inspirational people who have joined me on these adventures. I hope you enjoy this look at some of my work. If things work out my way, there will be plenty more of this to come in the years ahead!

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2 Responses to “Jimmy Chin Director/Cinematographer Reel”

  1. Ernst Kalff Says:

    Hello Jimmy,

    it’s funny how Names keep flashing up during a period of Time, my first encounter to you was by reading the Book 275 Miles on Foot across Tibet’s Chang Tang by rick Ridgeway and from there on, your and your Work is something I enjoy looking into from Time to Time.

    keep it up.



  2. Scott Says:

    Mr Chin

    Do you shoot video mostly on dslr or grown up cameras and which ones?

    Nice Nice Nice!

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