Pause - How a 60 Second Video Can Change Your Day

I’ve been pretty excited about a small project that we’ve been playing with and developing over at Camp4 Collective for the last few months. At its most base, you can call it bite-sized visual poetry, something easily digestible. We think of it as a chance for the viewer to break from the grind or, better still, the mindless rabbit-holing into the endless abyss we call the Internet. It’s an opportunity to observe. To breathe. To Pause.

When Pause #1 was first dropped, the concept was really just an outlet for some of the stunning, but unused, footage we all have collecting dust in drawers. There are always gems from shoots that we loved but didn’t necessarily fit in an edit, funny moments, beautiful moments. It has since evolved into a bit more: the skeleton of a story; a classic behind the scenes moment; a sequence of athletic movements that will leave you breathless.

I’ve assembled below a handful of my favorites so far. If you like what you see, I invite you to head over to the Pause vimeo page or the Pause Facebook page to check out more. My advice? Don’t watch them all at once. Turn to them when you truly need a break. But if you do binge, rest assured there will be more….

PAUSE 8 from PAUSE on Vimeo.

PAUSE 1 from PAUSE on Vimeo.

PAUSE 3 from PAUSE on Vimeo.

Pause #14 from PAUSE on Vimeo.

PAUSE 11 from PAUSE on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to “Pause - How a 60 Second Video Can Change Your Day”

  1. Clark Patrick Says:

    Great idea. I really love seeing how you and your collaborators are creating new things. I got into climbing about 4 years ago and it completely changed my life. I was a commercial photographer for 8 years and have since started other businesses that are more in-line with my inner-self and climbing helped me sort through that transition. Namaste!

  2. Leo Says:

    What is the story behind PAUSE #11?!?!

  3. Tim Wilson Says:


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