Top 5 GoPro Accessories

jimmychin_tetons_goproSo you’ve just dropped $400 on a new GoPro Hero3. Well played. Take it everywhere and test it like crazy. But first, get ready to swallow this pill — they haven’t taken your last dollar yet. While great out of the box, a GoPro — like any camera, really — requires a few add-ons to make it a truly trusted tool in the arsenal of the adventure storyteller. Consider:

1) Battery BacPac. Technology has opened a million doors for us creatively, but it has also made us slaves to the battery. I lessen the pain of that shackle by carrying extras…a lot of extras. The Battery BacPac essentially doubles your battery life, letting you grab those time-lapse shots or capture long sequences without interruption. It doesn’t mean you won’t run out of juice, and it still pays to know exactly how much battery life you have left, so test this appropriately ahead of time.

Add’l Upgrade: Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel. Why buy? If you’re setting up your GoPro for a time-lapse and you’ve got some sun to work with, you can plug the Nomad 7 directly into the GoPro and be charging throughout the shoot. Portable, light-weight and dependable.

The Nomad 7 Solar Panel from Goal Zero.

The Nomad 7 Solar Panel from Goal Zero.

2) Suction Cup. Getting there is often half the fun. It’s also an integral part of the story. Tell this segment of the tale by mounting the GoPro onto the vehicle that’s getting you there. It’s a great way to show passage of time + distance while taking in the landscape. (Disclaimer - I do NOT recommend affixing to the fuselage of a commercial airplane. The suction cup is only rated for 150+ mph. Plus this will get you arrested.)

3) Mounting Frame. Those who want to play around with mounting options will soon grow frustrated with the limitations of the GoPro housing. Consider an upgrade, like Unruly’s Headgear or Headcase frames, which add a slew of 1/4″-20 mounting point options. The Headgear is designed to work with the existing GoPro housing; the Headcase replaces it. (Note: Unruly’s current options cover only the GoPro and Hero 2. You can make reservations to purchase the upcoming Hero III Headgear.)

4) Filters. If you’re doing underwater shoots or ski/snowboard stories, you’ll want some filters. A red filter is crucial for heading deeper than 10 feet, where you need to filter out the blues. A solid polarizer filter is essential for any sort of shooting where glare is an issue (snow + water). PolarPro has a pretty comprehensive collection of filters worth checking out.

The Polarizer Cube Filter from PolarPro.

The Polarizer Cube Filter from PolarPro.

5) Telescoping Pole. Ah, the selfie. I’m as guilty as anyone of turning the camera on myself from time to time. There’s a definite skill involved in performing a stunt/sport/activity one-handed, and to be quite honest I sometimes question the wisdom of using these things while, say, tooling around crowded streets on a motorcycle, but there’s no question they provide a unique perspective and one that has become synonymous with the GoPro. You’ll want one that extends, is light and ideally will float when the camera is attached. Durability is a must, as this thing will likely get banged up. This is another accessory category filled with options, but Go-Scope ticks all the boxes for me.

Got any must-haves on your list? Shout ‘em out in the comments below.

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11 Responses to “Top 5 GoPro Accessories”

  1. Chris D. Says:

    I work with a cool little company called Peak Design that makes a sweet quick-release GoPro mount for backpack straps… shout at me if you’d be interested in getting one.

  2. Toby Guillette Says:

    The GorillaPod is super-helpful for time-lapse, timed shots, stabilizing video (if you grip it upside-down and use the camera’s weight on the bottom to hold itself steady) and you can affix it to lots of different surfaces in creative ways.

  3. Caroline Gleich Says:

    Rain-ex treatment on the housing for any surf or sup activity and anti-fog insert inside the housing.
    Roll bar mount works well on a expandable ski/trekking for the selfie pole shot. And tripod mount with small tripod. The sky is the limit though and I’m always stoked to see new creative GoPro shots.

  4. Mark Ridenhour Says:

    My name is Mark Ridenhour and I am a co-owner of GoMount. Makers of the NEW GoClamp.
    We have created a new versatile mount for the GoPro camera called the GoClamp.

    The GoClamp is a highly durable, plastic spring clamp that allows a user to mount to their GoPro cameras in unique, obscure locations.

    If you are interested in learning more about the GoClamp and it’s multiple uses, please visit our web site,

    If you would like to video a review and add it to your You Tube page, I’d be happy to send you a GoClamp for your testing & review.


  5. Says:

    Really like the filter idea. Nice one, Jimmy. The GoScope is ok, but you can make that so easily yourself. Not trying to hi-jack your post here, but we have a few tutorials on how to make one. Cheers!

  6. Heron Marychild Says:

    Just started getting into video after becoming a contributor for Check out RAM mounts ( for mounting solutions for bikes, motorcycles and cars. They have GoPro specific kits but the real treats are the hundreds of infinitely configurable mounting components they make. Keep on shooting!

  7. Оптом Оджда Says:

    I have almost all the accessories of Gopro - it’s irreplaceable.

  8. Brad Ridenhour Says:

    I usually get all of my filters and lenses from , they are really high quality and the prices are right as well.

  9. Cheap snowboard camera Says:

    These all look pretty sweet! I have a Contour camera, not a GoPro, but Contour went out of business so I think I’ll invest in a GoPro instead. Perfect for my snowboard vids!

  10. Mark Ridenhour Says:

    Go-pro makes some great cameras. And they really have some good accessories but there are lots of good accessories being made by other companies. Like we have yet another attachment for the GoPro products that resolves some issues with compatability with all their other mounts. Check out the new GoFlex-Arm now funding on Kickstarter After funding they will be available on

    And, NO, I don’t think that Brad and I are related, at least not directly, but then, there are not that many of us out there.

  11. John Daly Says:

    Hey there GoPro users! I just created a new GoPro accessory that will make filming much easier! Check it out on Kickstarter and share this link with your friends and help spread the word!

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