At the Intersection Of Artist + Athlete


It’s hard not to be a fan of Travis Rice. He’s a Jackson Hole local and is considered one of the most influential snowboarders of our time. Despite always having several major projects firing and some serious sponsorship face time obligations, the man refuses to rest. Travis is always looking to take things to the next level and gets after everything he does, whether that is with his snowboarding, building inner tube race tracks for his annual party or finding people to collaborate with in his relatively new Asymbol initiative.

Having long been inspired by photographs (or paintings) of mountains and fascinated by the art that graces snowboards, particularly art created BY athletes, Travis founded Asymbol as a way to recognize the artists who have been inspiring his kind for so many years. On the Aysmbol site, you can go from prints by Jamie Lynn and Hydro74 to photos by Chris Brunkhart and Danny Zapalac. There’s some seriously beautiful work found on Asymbol.

Which is why I’m honored to have some of my work up there now. Asymbol reached out to my good friends at TheGoodLife and forged a collaboration to feature some pieces by a few TGL artists — Dean Blotto Grey, Cole Barash and Laura Austin. My shot from Charakusa Valley in Pakistan (pictured above) made it into the co-curation initiative, alongside the photos you see below.

The Charakusa pic is from one of my first rolls of film shot on a proper SLR camera. In a lot of ways, it marked my start as a professional photographer. At any rate, pop over to Asymbol and check out the artists and work featured there. It’s a rabbit hole worth jumping into.

Dean Blotto Grey, Lift Station db_lift_station

Laura Austin, Road to Nowhere la_road_to_nowhere

Cole Barash, Untitled cb_untitled

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