Best of 2013 - My Instagram

To celebrate the year that was, here are some of my favorite pics from 2013 Instagram feed.

Thanks for reading in 2013.

Alex Honnold doing what he calls “scrambling” or “technical hiking” (or what most of us call free soloing) during our Musandam expedition in Oman. Editing is always a tough process. This is another one that didn’t make the cut.


Kasha Rigby….always in the right place at the right time.


Arch of Bishekele, Ennedi Desert, Chad. Always nice to have a solid tent in viper and cobra infested territory.


My next big adventure….Welcoming Marina Yen Yen Vasarhelyi Chin to the world. Can’t wait to ski climb surf and play with her! Probably a few more diaper changes before then….


The boys at Sherpas Cinema putting on the final touches to Into the Mind. I was proud and honored to collaborate with them on such an amazing project. Corked sunset grab by Tom Wallisch.


Alex doing what he does best on Separate Reality. Yosemite, CA.


Christian Sea lining up on another Indo beauty. I jokingly call him the Mer-Man. The guy can surf any board, charge barrels switch, go down spearfishing and come up w two huge fish on one breath. He basically has gills. A true waterman and a helluva nice guy. And yes, he’s surfing a 0 mil wetsuit.


“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion” - Camus


Always nice to find some forgotten moments in the archives. Mark Synnott rappelling over the South China Sea while climbing a new overhanging big wall route on Mount Kinabalu. Borneo. Definitely one of the most outrageously positioned walls I’ve been on.


Penthouse suite. Kevin Jorgenson and Tommy Caldwell hanging out on El Cap.


I’d like a table…for 1000. Thanks Summit for making the reservation!


Hanging out at the office. Rob Frost having a high angle kind of day in the Bugaboos. All in a days work.


After two months of fighting bitter cold, massive storms and an avalanche that swept most of the climbing route on the Lhotse face, Dave Hahn, Kit and Rob DesLauriers make a late post monsoon summit bid on Everest. This shot of the team climbing above the Balcony at over 27,000ft with Makalu (the fifth highest peak in the world) in the background was one of the few frames I got that morning due to a frozen shutter. We were the only team on the mountain that season, a rare experience to have on Everest these days. Besides not having to deal with crowds, we chose to climb in the post monsoon for the best chance of having enough snow coverage to attempt a ski descent of the mountain. That ended up both working in our favor and against it.


Last look for Renan Ozturk after a couple epic days in the Tetons. It’s not a real shoot unless you had to hack out a bivy ledge in a storm.


Ennendi Desert, Chad. Still life.


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14 Responses to “Best of 2013 - My Instagram”

  1. David Says:

    I love that first photo. I can’t wait to see what actually made the magazine!

  2. NITIN Says:

    Awesome pics… just astonished

  3. Klaus Elmfelt Says:

    one word.. You are sick.. :-) Happy new year, and thank you for sharing..

  4. Maria Says:

    Wow the perspective view and colors are dramatic. Your work is amazing.

  5. Deena Says:

    Simply amazing work…So inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Have an even more amazing 2014.

  6. Matt Burt Says:

    Looks like you had an amazing year! Keep up the great work!

  7. sharon robinson Says:

    What an amazing life! Thanks for sharing!

  8. sarita jankar Says:

    Ur awesome !!!
    Fall in love wid ur pics!!

  9. mary bowman-dement Says:

    breath taking, thanks for doing what you do well! Much aloha…Mary

  10. Linda Says:

    Incredibly beautiful!

  11. Derek Says:

    Enjoyed seeing some of your work when Banff FF came through Oly, beautiful and inspiring photos

  12. Graciela Says:

    astonished, inspiring photos.. and Marina… what a beautiful little lady !

  13. patforet Says:

    Very nice pictures !! Some are great :)
    I’m from a mountain area too and practice both (ski & mountain sports & photo) all the year long….
    Did you ever came here in the Alps ??

  14. Frank King Says:

    In the image of Dave Hahn, Kit and Rob DesLauriers making a lake summit of Everest. I see the camera man is hanging onto his and has a strap for security. I am wondering how do you secure your camera what you are on the move, skiing, Climbing, ect?

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