Insta-Ode to Landscapes and Seascapes

I love action, adventure, lifestyle and portrait photography, but sometimes the landscape and the elements tell all the story you need to know. So this week I dove into the archive of my Instagram landscape pics and put together this little collection to check out.

A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment someone contemplates it, bearing within them the image of a cathedral. - Antoine de Saint-Exupery El Capitan and the Cathedral Group. Yosemite, California. @thephotosociety @natgeo

This is my reason to #ActOnClimate. Glaciers world wide are receding at an ever alarming rate. The ramifications are far beyond the loss of their beauty. @whitehouse announced some exciting news today about taking action on climate change. Stay tuned. @protectourwinters

Arabian Sea. Shot on assignment for @natgeo. #waterstudy @thephotosociety

Sunset over the Gulf of Oman. Shot on assignment for @natgeo. #dreamscapes @thephotosociety

Jackson summertime goodness…

On the move and missing the Tetons. On to another adventure…. @thephotosociety

I know….another beach, another sunset….but sometimes it’s just #tooepicnottopost. @dontfightthefun @saytisntsoph - It ain’t Bali but it’s #goingoff #eastcoaststyle! #sailorsdelight #ny

“Whether or not one can live with one’s passion, and accept its law, which is to burn the heart it simultaneously exalts, that is the question.” - Albert Camus A year ago today, the answer was yes. East Face of the Shark’s Fin. Thanks boys…@conradclimber @renan_ozturk #merufilm

Here’s a little something for your imagination….Mountains never cease to amaze me. South Howser Tower, British Columbia. #mistymountainhop #mountainarchitecture #happyplace @thephotosociety @thenorthface @gopro

Indo perfection. Christian Sea photo from our evening session a few days ago. Thank you @dontfightthefun and @sayitaintsoph for sharing….

The Torres. Beautiful and menacing. The two aspects to climbing in #Patagonia. Hoping all my friends down south are sending. #mountainportrait @mikeylikesrocks @thephotosociety @thenorthface #neverstopexploring

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8 Responses to “Insta-Ode to Landscapes and Seascapes”

  1. Bill Grasse Says:

    Rad Shots man! It’s nice to see these and be inspired that some day I could take shots like these.



  2. Bill Grasse Says:

    Rad Shots man! It’s nice to see these and be inspired that some day I could take shots like these.



  3. Katie Shay Says:

    Love your photography and all your work!

  4. Katie Shay Says:

    Love you photography and all your work!

  5. John Says:

    I don’t know if I’ll ever make it to any of those places so thanks for sharing your shots and reminding me just how beautiful our planet is.

  6. Matt Says:

    Jimmy, these are amazing my friend. You’re work is inspiring, there are so many natural wonders in our world, thank you for sharing.

  7. Nikolay Mirchev Says:

    Hi Jimmy, I just discovered your website and I’m really delighted by the images you are creating and the places you are visiting. Thanks for sharing this collection of photographs with some authentic touch.

  8. Says:

    I was looking into your shots and I specifically liked The Glaciers and Shark’s Fin. They are both stunningly beautiful! Makes me appreciate the wonders of nature. Great photos!

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